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Frigidaire 18″ Portable Dishwasher- Black

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new apartment, or you’re moving into a mobile home, but there’s no space to install a regular full size dishwasher. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck doing dishes by hand, because there are many alternatives. One of them being purchasing a portable dishwasher! No need to try and cram a full sized one under a counter, these dishwashers are usually on wheels so they can easily be moved around to meet your needs. If you’re looking to find the best portable dishwasher, click here or click on the “Best Portable Dishwashers” button in the menu bar.

How Do They Work?

Portable dishwashers simply plugs into an electrical outlet to gain power. Next they attaches to your tap via a hose and then a second hose drains the water into the sink. The controls are very similar compared to a built-in dishwasher. When you’re done, once again, you can easily move it to a more convenient storage location. Click here to read more.

                                                    Pros And Cons

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Pros: Offers the same functions as built-in’s, just as durable and dependable as built in’s, different models offer different features (Such as ENERGY STAR certification, adjustable racks, multiple wash cycles, lower electricity bill, low water consumption, and more.), and you can easily take it with you when/if you move.

Cons: Requires more time and effort to set up in order to use and Due to small amount of space, might need to do more cycles more frequently.

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How To Hook Up A Portable Dishwasher?

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Portable dishwasher owners must hook them up to a water source, such as the kitchen sink, and plug the appliances into a power outlet when they are ready to start a cycle. Users connect the appliance to the faucet using an adaptor, which is included with the purchase. It is recommended that users make sure that there is no cold water in the water lines by running hot water through them for a few seconds before connecting a portable dishwasher. Since portable dishwashers also drain into the sink using a second hoes, it is important to clean the sink out. The water that drains into the sink is very hot, so users should be cautious. Click here to learn more.

History Lesson

The first reference of a dishwasher dates back to 1850. It was a wooden hand-powered device that is said to have been invented by Joel Houghton.The idea was that the user spins the handle while water gets sprayed into the contraption. About 15 years later in 1865, L.A Alexander created a similar design. The only difference was that it had a hand-cracked rack system. Unfortunately both designs were inefficient, unreliable and very slow. Click here to read more.